“How You Can Determine If They Are
Pure Aloe Vera Products


There is so much confusion surrounding aloe vera quality and how effective it is – andPure aloe vera products when you add marketing hype to all of this, it only makes matters worse. There are no laws governing the quality of aloe in aloe vera products, except for that of having it required to list ingredients on labels. It can be difficult to determine pure aloe vera products from others.

In much the same way, the term “organic” is not governed by any laws. Too often the word “organic “ is used to describe products that are in truth made up of very little, if any, real organic content.

Why Some Aloe Vera Products May Not Really Be As Effective As You Are Being Led To Believe

    Aloe being diluted with water, which you won’t be told about. There are many unscrupulous merchants looking for a fast buck. You end up losing your money while gaining no health benefits whatsoever. It may very well be water if it looks at all like water – even colored a bit – or if it tastes like it. But remember, not all aloe vera products that have been diluted are easy to spot, often requiring sophisticated lab testing to be sure – which obviously most consumers won’t have access to!

    Using high heat during processing. This kills the bio-active ingredients which causes the aloe to lose potency.

    Aloe vera plants that have not been grown organically. If not, there may be pesticide and herbicide residue present that can even cause allergic reactions in some people.

    Too long of a time period between harvesting and processing. Aloe leaves can start to decompose, and sometimes chemicals will be used to prevent further deterioration.

    Harvesting aloe leaves too soon before maturity. Three to four year old aloe barbadensis leaves have the highest abundance of nutrients – and harvesting younger ones will reduce potency. Then, many unsuspecting aloe users end up thinking that aloe vera doesn’t actually work.

When Certified By International Aloe Science, Purity Of Aloe Vera Is Guaranteed

International Aloe Science CouncilFounded in the early 1980’s, the IASC have developed a process to certify any aloe vera products which meet their high standards. All companies that manufacture aloe vera products and farmers who grow aloe vera first need to be certified by the IASC.

Then, they will run tests and audits on the product, the formulas as well as the actual aloe vera plant that is being used. They will then check into the labelling and the ingredients that are listed to be sure that it is accurate with what the manufacturer or farmer is saying. If everything goes through and it is determined to be true and accurate, they will receive the IASC Seal of Certification.

There have been hundreds of aloe vera products which have received the IASC Seal of Certification. The products include aloe vera skin care products, aloe vera soaps, lotions, medicines, gel, personal care products as well as aloe vera plants and aloe vera juice – plus many other varieties.

IASC members need to have:

    • Annual recertification of their raw materials

    • Annual recertification of their finished products. (These are analytically tested in independent labs).

    • Inspection and recertification of the processing facilities every 3 years.

Any aloe vera product that has received the IASC Seal is insured and promises that the labelling of the product is correct and that the aloe vera content that is listed is true.

Not only that, but it means that the aloe vera product contains the highest quality of aloe which meets the IASC standards. And, you can be sure that the product is using aloe vera that comes from another certified source.

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