“Interview with Aloeride


We have recently conducted an interview with the doctor responsible for developing Aloeride, Han van de Braak. Here is the complete manuscript of the interview:

Can you tell us a bit about your background in medicine?Dr.Han van de Braak on the air

Han: “I am a Chartered Physiotherapist, Registered Acupuncturist and Naturopath. I started up my solo practice after working in the National Health Service in order to integrate conventional and complimentary medicine. I started it in a very small community, and now after 22 years, there are some 6,500 patients who have been treated on record. My overall medical work experience spans 29 years.”

How did you become fascinated with aloe vera?

Han: “Well, I have obviously always known about aloe vera, but when my daughter had eczema I was forced to look at bit closer at the properties of the plant. Steroid creams are normally used to manage eczema, but there are real disadvantages to that. Using diet to manage also wasn ‘t much fun but she responded immediately to Aloeride. I can tell you that was a happy day!”

Why did you decide to create your own ale vera product when there are already so many others out there?

Han: “Simple! Most of the aloe vera fluids that are offered taste way to awful to give to a four year old (or any adult for that matter!). A lot of them had additives of one kind or another and I wanted to be able to give something that was 100% pure.

There are also other issues with fluid aloe vera, including bacterial degradation and oxidation. When you take water out of the equation in a responsible manner, you manage to solve these issues. And, you then have a portable product that people can carry in their purses or jackets and use it as they need it.

The advantage is really obvious, especially if you use Aloeride for digestive issues because it is really, really handy to be able to take one or two when you need them. What use would a bottle of aloe vera juice sitting at home in the fridge be to you?”

Can you give a brief description of how Aloeride is manufactured?

Han: “Under textbook conditions grow the plants organically, harvest in the most specific season, use a unique process to freeze dry to powder, conduct the first laboratory QC test. It they are to my exact standards, then buy in bulk, conduct further QC laboratory test in multiple laboratories aiming for consistency, from powder to pharmaceutical trial companies, more tests then finally to storage in a fulfillment company.”

What makes Aloeride different from the other aloe vera products on the market?

Han: “Wee, there are three words – purity, strength and spectrum. As for purity, it is simple. Aloeride simply has no additives that can cause a body to react to. By strength, I refer to the fact that the quantity of working molecules, (as laboratory proven), is much higher than in any other aloe vera products.

And, as far as spectrum – any good aloe vera must contain a full spectrum of the different polysaccharide molecules. This is really where Aloeride excels because not only does it have the different polysaccharide molecules, but contains the full spectrum. It is very difficult to achieve this combination. In fact, Aloeride’s molecule fraction is unique among the industry. Each molecule reacts and interacts synergistically with one another.

You probably already know about the Aloeride “healing inside out” philosophy, as well as the other philosophy of “sharing” – which we do by giving the consumer substantial discounts. And, these aren’t just little bits here and there discounts, but rather “Wow!” discounts, such as our 20% 6 pack discount on an unmatched product.”

What conditions in particular would you recommend to try using Aloeride?

Han: “Aloe vera works to affect the epithelial tissue and stimulate the immune system. The epithelial tissue most affected is the skin and lining of the digestive tract. Starting with overall well-being, the other areas that Aloeride can offer improvement include irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, crohn’s disease and any ulcers of the duodenum, or stomach, oesophagitis and oral lesions.

It can help skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and leg ulcers. There is an increasing interest in the resilience to UV light, offering safer sun exposure and maintaining a tan longer. It is a good idea to take a look at the different articles offered, especially those by Dr. Karen Vieira PhD as well as myself.”

Is it safe to be taking Aloeride with prescription medications?

Han: “Yes, it is safe.”

Are there any side effects?

Han: “Generally, there will be none.”

Where can I purchase Aloeride for myself?

Han: “Through Aloeride official site.”

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