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What is aloe veraAloe vera is not the best looking among the plant world, but it has a proven track record of health and beauty benefits, going as far back as 4000 years!

Two very famous women who were well known for their unsurpassed beauty, Queen Cleopatra and Queen Nefertiti, both used aloe vera as part of their beauty regime. For the very same reasons that aloe vera has always been utilized, it is still being used today for those who are hoping to reap the same benefits.

Since aloe vera grows naturally in the desert, it is no surprise really that one of its nicknames is “Lily of the Desert”. These plants have the ability to store and preserve very large quantities of water in order to survive long periods of drought.

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Take Advantage Of The Healing Benefits Of Aloe Vera

The harsh environment that aloe vera has to surviveHealing properties of Aloe Vera in has huge implications for you and your health. To demonstrate how resilient this plant is, take a look at what an aloe leaf must do when it has been damaged. It needs to be able to instantaneously repair the damage it has suffered so that it does not lose too much water.

The very survival of this plant is dependent on being able to protect its water reserves by repairing any damage quickly. Just imagine the implications that this tremendous tissue repair ability offers to you when you make use of an aloe vera product!

It is important to realize too that the aloe vera plant also belongs to a larger family of plants called “Xeroids”. There are over 350 different species of aloe, and there are only four which are seen as offering any nutritional value to us.

The highest rated of these four is the “aloe barbadensis miller” species, so when choosing any aloe vera product, be sure to look for this particular ingredient.

Aloe vera product that made from aloe barbadensis miller


What Are The Benefits Of Aloe Vera?

It has been mentioned that aloe will help to improve digestion, increase theMedicinal uses of aloe vera ability for better blood and lymphatic circulation and improve overall functions in the kidney, liver and gall bladder.

There are at least three anti-inflammatory fatty acids that naturally alkalize juices which are used in digestion. This process helps to prevent too much acidity which is a very common cause of indigestion. It helps to cleanse the stomach, small intestine and colon resulting in a soothing and more balanced effect.

The body’s natural resistance is reported to be strengthened due to a new compound which has been discovered in aloe called “acemannan”. It is said to have the ability to boost the important T-lymphocyte cells that help to strengthen the immune system.

    “There are many of us who have had the gel from a broken aloe leaf rubbed on a burn at the insistence of a mother or grandmother who understand the healing properties of the plant. The gel actually prevents blisters from forming, reduces inflammation and swelling, and promotes faster healing of the wound.”


Aloe can be used to keep the skin supple, and has also been used effectively in controlling acne and eczema. The itching which accompanies allergies and insect bites can be alleviated by using aloe. The incredible healing power of aloe comes from offering more oxygen to the skin, and increasing the tissue strength.

10 Great Reasons For Taking Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera Product Reviews

Aloe Vera product reviewsThe key ingredient when looking for an aloe vera product that is right for you, is to be sure that it contains the stabilised aloe vera gel which is as close to the inner gel of the natural plant as possible. It can be applied topically or consumed as a drink.

It is very important that the aloe not be submitted to too much heat or filtration during the process of manufacturing, because this can destroy or lesson the effects of many of the essential elements of the plant, like enzymes and polysaccharides.

One of the main reasons for us putting together this site is because of the false aloe products that are marketed as containing aloe, but in truth contain very little amounts. That sometimes makes the process of finding reliable products which work as they say they will very difficult for the consumer.

Always make sure that you review all of the ingredients carefully if you are considering purchasing an aloe product that you are planning to ingest. Some of these are juices which contain a large number of other ingredients along with varying levels of quality and quantity of aloe.

How you can determine if they are pure Aloe vera products


Final Word On The True Benefit Of Aloe Vera Products

ProfessionalThere is no prescription needed for aloe vera because it is actually considered a food. But, it is important to remember that any kind of product which offers a form of treatment needs to be looked at and discussed with a professional if you are uncertain about the effects.

Since it is classified as a food, there are no regulations in place to ensure that the manufacturing process and finished product lives up to any standards. There are some products out there which contain a variety of other ingredients which make it very important for you to understand exactly what is in the product you are taking.

Our goal at this site is to help sort through all of the different products, and offer as much unbiased information about aloe vera products as possible, to ensure that you find the best product possible for your personal goals.

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